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sprinkler system ChattanoogaOur certified irrigation contractor can evaluate your landscaping needs and design a water smart irrigation system that will water your landscape automatically in the most effective and efficient manner. Our company also offers sprinkler system and irrigation system repair and maintenance, including winterizing the system for cold weather and restarting the system each spring. Proper irrigation of plant material will enhance the beauty of your landscape and promote healthy growth of your lawn and landscape plants.

FLC also offers low voltage lighting systems that will enhance the beauty of your home. Lighting systems can illuminate walkways, add depth to your landscape, and accentuate specimen plants or interesting design features of your home. We can also provide service for repairs and yearly maintenance contracts to inspect the system, replace bulbs, and clean lenses. FLC can design and install a low voltage lighting system that best suits the needs of each individual homeowner. Like our irrigation systems, automatic on an off features make low voltage lighting very user friendly for homeowners.

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